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Ron de Bruin
Excel Automation

Microsoft MVP Program

My Hardware and Software

Main machine


  IMac 27-inch, mid 2011
3.4 Ghz Intel Core I7
1 TB normal hard drive and two external SSD drives
  16 gb 1333 MHz DDR memory
AMD Radeon HD 6970 1024 mb
OSX 10.12.6


Reason that I use a Mac is that the machine is very quiet and the Mac OS is very stable. But I must say that I am impressed by my second machine the Microsoft SurFace Pro.

On my IMac I have installed Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 to protect my Mac and keep my Mac clean and fast with Washing Machine. Also the Mac version of the best screen capture program there is named SnagIt that I use a lot is installed and of course Office 2011 and 2016 for the Mac.

I use Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Business to run my virtual Windows and virtual Mac machines on my IMac. I have used VMware Fusion also but on this moment I use Parallels and I like it more.

I have two external Lacie Thunderbolt(very fast) drives attached to my IMac, one with the OS (120 gb) and the other one with the virtual machines that I use the most(256 gb). This is cheaper than to buy a IMac with SSD in it.

My other vm’s that I not use every day are on the normal hard drive in my IMac (no SSD).

For normal backups I use this external drive :
WD My Passport 500 GB , connected with FIREWIRE 800.


Second machine

Surface Pro

I have also a SurFace Pro 4, I7, 16 gb with 256 gb SSD drive that replaced my old laptop, great machine to do all your work on the full version of Windows 10. I have a external monitor(24 inch), keyboard and mouse attached with the Microsoft Surface Dock when I am home. But use it also as a tablet or as laptop when I am not at home. For more info visit the Microsoft site :



Because I want to read my mail on my SurFace, Windows Phone, IMac and on every virtual machine if needed I choose for an Office 365 Microsoft account.

I use the Small business version (5 Dollar each month)