Microsoft Excel

Ron de Bruin
Excel Automation

Microsoft MVP Program

My Hardware and Software

Main machine

On this machine I have a 1 Tb SSD drive, it is a big one but I need it for all my virtual machines. At home it is attached to a docking station so I can use a big screen and a normal keyboard and mouse.  

Reason that I use a Mac is that the machine is very quiet and the Mac OS is very stable. But I must say that I am impressed by my second machine the Microsoft SurFace Pro.

I use Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac Business to run my virtual Windows and virtual Mac machines on my MacBook Pro. This is really great software to run the operating system that you want.


Second machine

Surface Pro

I have also a SurFace Pro 4, I7, 16 gb with 256 gb SSD drive that replaced my old laptop, great machine to do all your work on the full version of Windows 10. I have a external monitor(24 inch), keyboard and mouse attached with the Microsoft Surface Dock when I am home. But use it also as a tablet or as laptop when I am not at home.



Because I want to read my mail on my SurFace, iPhone, MacBook and on every virtual machine if needed I use a Microsoft Office 365 account so it is very easy to get your mail on the machine you want.