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SaveSetting, GetSetting and DeleteSetting

In Windows you can use it to add information of your file or add-in into the Windows register. See this page from John Walkenbach for more information

As you can read in John's article you can use Regedit.exe to view this info in the register in Windows.

The good news is that SaveSetting, GetSetting and DeleteSetting are all working on a Mac. But there is no register on a Mac where can you find the information that you save ?

On a Mac it will store this information in .plist file in this hidden folder.
Macintosh HD:Users:<UserName>:Library:Preferences:
The name of the .plist file is the name that you use as appname in savesetting

But if you use Mac Office 2016 it is not in the same location, you find it here :

/Users/<UserName>/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/VB Settings/

Note: Library is a hidden folder on your Mac, this is how to open it in Finder :

1.Open a Finder Window
2.Hold the Alt key and click Go in the Finder menu bar
3.Click Library

Note: The only thing I notice that with the getsetting default argument you can't use a empty string to load if there is no value saved. As a workeround I use "?" instead of "" in a few of my add-ins.