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Setup your Mac for Mac Office 2016 or higher

Because I really like my script to setup a Mac with Office 2016 or higher because it save me time and makes it easy for me to open certain folders I share it with you all on my website.

When you have installed Mac Office 2016 or higher on your Mac you will notice :


After you install Office 2016 or higher you can use the script to :

Shortcut or Alias to :

You run this script only one time and after that it is very easy to open the folder locations without looking for them in different locations because now they are all in one folder on your Desktop. You are free to add more folders if you want to the script. I not create the shortcuts to the application specific folders to the script but if you want that look for folder8 in the script for and example for the Excel folder.


Download Script file

Download Script file (13-July-2020)

When you double click on the MacOfficeSetup.scpt file it open the file in the Script Editor. You can use CMD + R or press the Run button on the menu of the Script Editor to Run the script.

It show you a msgbox with some information and it open the new folder in Finder with all the shortcuts in it, there is also a separate shortcut on the Desktop to the folder where you can keep you Office files to avoid problems with Apple’s sandbox.

You can close the script file now and you not need it anymore so if you want you can delete it from your Mac.