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On this page you find links to good Excel Add-ins, books and ? from people I know and trust. You only find links in the list to products that I use or used myself so I know what I am talking about. Note: I am a affiliate  for some of the products in this list and earn a commision on the sales but that is not the reason why they are in this list because money is not the reason why I run this Excel site.


MVP Ken Puls : Excelguru

Our favourite definition of the word Guru is, "Remover of darkness." A guide. A teacher. It is in this spirit that the Excelguru site was created by Ken Puls (also known as the Excel Guru). Our goal is to help remove the mysteries of Excel and Power BI, help you find solutions, and help you to be more proficient or accomplish certain tasks. Our passion lies in exploring tools to turn data into information, and teaching others how to benefit from them.

If you want to learn from the master himself check out, Power Query Academy, Power Query Recipes, M is for Data Monkey (Digital) below, click on the pictures for more information :

Power Query Academy

Power Query Academy

Master Your Data with Excel and Power BI, must have book



Power Query Recipes




MVP Charles Williams : Decision Models

This the place to go for optimising speed, MVP Charles Willliams is a pro in this area (calculation and speed) and create this wonderful product named FastExcel.

The FastExcel V4 Family of Products


There are 3 major products in the FastExcel V4 family which are targeted at different types of useage, and allow you to only buy the tools you need.

FastExcel V4 Profiler

The Profiler gives you a comprehensive set of tools focussed on finding and prioritising calculation and VBA bottlenecks. If your spreadsheet takes more than a few seconds to calculate you need FastExcel profiler to find out and prioritize the reasons for the slow calculation

FastExcel V4 Manager Pro

FastExcel Manager contains tools to help you build, debug and maintain Excel workbooks.

FastExcel V4 SpeedTools

SpeedTools provides you with a state-of-the-art tool-kit to help you speed up your Excel Calculations

If you want to try or buy this great product use the links below :

Click here to visit the FastExcel for Windows website

Click here to visit the FastExcel Manager Pro for Mac Office 365 Excel website



MVP Jon Peltier : The Internet's greatest resource for Excel Charts

Peltier Charts

This is the place to go for some great Chart addins for Excel for Windows and for the Mac.

Click here to visit Peltier Technical Services


Rob Bovey : Excel VBA Code Cleaner

This is a free must have add-in to clean your VBA code for everyone that create and use VBA.

And when you are on Rob's site check out also the other free add-ins :


Jan Karel Pieterse : RefTreeAnalyser

Very useful add-in from MVP Jan Karel Pieterse.

RefTreeAnalyser: The ultimate Formula Auditing tool

Excel formula auditing taken to the next level!, check it out.