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Windows API Viewer for MS Excel

Windows API Viewer for MS Excel is a standalone powerful tool for creating Windows API code, with or without conditions, to be inserted in code modules.

It offers several lists of API for both platforms, x86 and x64, that can easily be used in various solutions. If wanted, it can create conditional Windows API solutions.

The two conditions that can be applied is Win64 and VBA7. More information about them can be found in the help files shipped with the tool.

The tool is shipped with extensively help support, the help includes help files and web pages that are relevant about Windows API.

The following screen shot shows the main form:

It is very easy to use Windows API Viewer. Select the code options you want and then export them to the clip board. That is all!

Since it is a standalone tool it can, per se, be used with other development tools. But the Windows API here are selected for MS Excel in particular.

The tool’s help file explains and shows the various output we can create.

Before the code solution is exported to the clipboard we can preview it as the following screen shot also shows :

If we want further information about the selected Windows API the tool offers use of Google to find out more as the below screen shot also shows :



The Windows API Viewer for MS Excel is available in x86 version and in x64 version. To install it just double click on the downloaded exe file and follow the instructions on the screen.

Windows API Viewer - x64 Version  File date : 22-April-2016

Windows API Viewer - x86 Version  File date : 22-April-2016


Requirements : Since Windows API Viewer for MS Excel is not an add-in to MS Excel it can be used with whatever Excel version available. It can also be used with other development tools as well. However, the following requirements must be met in order to use the tool :


Development tools

The following tools has been used when creating Windows API Viewer for MS Excel :

        Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

        DevExpress WinForm Controls


        Help + Manual

        SamLogic Visual Installer 2015

        BoxedApp Packer


The Source Files

The Windows API sources come from two different text files by Microsoft.  Unfortunately, the file for x86 Windows API is rather old, released by Microsoft in 1998. The other file was released when Excel 2010 was released and includes the x64 versions of Windows API. For obvious reason they are not complete.

The quality has been improved as I have been forced to manually work with these files. All the Windows API are now stored in a SQLite database and can easily be updated when necessary. If you find some error or you see that some APIs are missing, then please send me an e-mail and I will update accordingly. New versions of the tool will then be made available. Did I mention that it has been a tedious work with these files?



The Windows API Viewer for MS Excel is made available based on the MIT License (MIT).

Special thanks goes to Ron de Bruin and Ken Puls.

2016 Dennis M Wallentin


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